Strange Cases: The Lighthouse Mystery

Strange Cases: The Lighthouse Mystery 1.0

The Lighthouse Mystery is a quest game, in which you must solve a murder mystery
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The Lighthouse Mystery is a puzzle adventure game in which you must solve a murder mystery.

Throughout the storyline, you will follow the adventures of FBI agent Ellery Claire. As the game begins, she receives a night-time phone call form her boss, who notifies her that her former partner and mentor, Tom, was found dead in the street, and she must investigate the case. Tom left behind 3 different card types, which will help Ellery solve the case. As you control her character, you must pay attention to each scene's details, and search for hidden objects and tips that you will then use, piece by piece, in order to solve the mystery of Tom's murder.

The game's graphics are very clear and sharp, and the film-noir-inspired color scheme will increase the game's allure of mystery. If at any time during the quest you might get stuck on a more difficult task, the help menu can conveniently bring up more information about the game tips. You can also find more information on the forum dedicated to the game. There, you can raise questions and share your experience with other users.

Overall, The Lighthouse Mystery is rather engaging quest game, which captives the user's attention throughout the entire detective journey.

Gaby Colette
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  • Low system requirements
  • Clear graphics
  • Challenging gameplay


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